The core of knowns is a computer program which counts up natural numbers giving each of them a unique name. (e.g. A for 0, B for 1,,, Z for 25 and Aa for 26, Ab for 27,,,) the program shows up the endless list of names after it's given and highlights the name included in the 140,000 international human names database collected by the artist. In principle, every name not only of people living but also people ever lived and people will live will be shown on the screen just one time without any exceptions.
Supposing the program counts 60 natural numbers per second, "Alexander", the 307,039,224,483rd name will be shown in 162 years. There are 5,646,683,826,134 combinations of 9 alphabets in toal and it takes more than 2,984 years and 3 months(*1) to count all of them. the program keeps counting up as long as it's running. Eventually, the number reaches to the limit of the capacity of 64-bits data type and the program gets overflow and crushes. It happens 13 billion years later.

26^1 + 26^2 + 26^3 + 26^4 + 26^5 + 26^6 + 26^7 + 26^8 + 26^9 = 5646683826134
5646683826134 / 60(fps) / 86400(sec in a day) / 365(days in year)
= 2984.25282

2015, NTT InterCommunication Center, Tokyo, JP