2020, HOSOO GALLERY, Kyoto, Japan



This textile is a record of the velocity and acceleration of a group of particles moving on the number line (in one-dimensional space) according to a universal gravitational force described by a computer program. The behavior of a group of particles following a program resembles certain natural phenomena. As given a certain number of water molecules and various physical conditions such as temperature and atmospheric pressure, fog, waterfalls, and glaciers appear,The behavior of the smallest unit of virtual particles and environmental variables are defined, and as the operation continues, a dynamic mathematical pattern is created. .On the other hand, Nishijin brocade is not only a textile, but also a static aesthetic pattern that is a mixture of strict restrictions to withstand practical use and the unique aesthetic qualities of Nishijin that have been refined over its long history. I wanted to see a textile that would stand up beautifully as a real phenomenon/cloth when the bit sequence, which continues on a computer memory with no room for design, intersects with the aesthetics of Nishijin brocade.